A lot of large companies have started off their business as small scaled ones, some even experienced establishing business one after the other failed. That is because of they always find ways to be innovative, they have the determination to make it big. These small scale business ideas can lead you to that. With just a small amount of investment can it provide you with the money you need to develop it, put it on franchise, or help you reach the business you truly aspire to have.


Everyone has always been a huge fan of ice cold drinks, especially during the summer or places that usually experience immense heat from the sun! Investing on slushie machine packages will help you out on this business venture.

Slushie machines are easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.What I find truly good about this one is that all you need to invest on is a spot to place it on, an ice maker machine, cups, tables and chairs, and an umbrella. You could just have a stand and just let customers have it on the go.

Online shop

Online stores have taken the world by storm which brought opportunities for billions of people to have an additional income. This is because business owners are able to connect to their customers wherever and whenever. The product that you are to sell will depend on your preference and on where you will be able to get your supplies, but it is important to take into consideration the demand of the product and the target market that you wish to tackle. Another noteworthy is using social media and other platforms to reach out to your target market, and utilize it.

Pop-up kitchen

Everyone needs food and everyone loves to eat, right? For those who are into cooking, pop-up kitchens have been one of the best ways to test out and introduce your menu to the public. Through this, you would only need to invest small rather than diving into renting out a place for a restaurant. It will be a big help for you to assess your business as you go on since you will be able to get insights on what works and what needs to be worked out.

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